Professional Repairs Done Right….

The First Time 

We take pride in our work and it shows. We are only happy when you are. Vehicles are never sent out the door before they go through our rigorous quality control procedures. This is much more than a test drive. It means if we fixed your check engine light our technicians verify completion by running the associated readiness monitor to ensure it does not return. Our continued investment in equipment, training, and most importantly timeliness ensures the job right the first time.


Our Approach

To repairs and maintenance is the same no matter who brings a car in or what kind of car you bring in. We will always recommend services to you as if it were our car. Unlike the other guys we never sell you stuff just to sell you stuff. Need a $50.00 repair? Then that’s what we’ll offer. Need a $1,000.000 repair? We do that to but we NEVER recommend something you don’t need.

We treat every vehicle just like our own.  No short cuts or corners cut. If there is a procedure that takes longer  but has a better success rate, than that is what is done.  That’s exactly how we would want our cars fixed.

We never surprise our customers with bills. All of our work is documented on professional Shop Management systems and saved forever. No worries about finding paper work is you lose it.

A Brief History

Recognizing a need for excellence in automotive repair, Mark opened our shop in 1991 as a general repair facility. We quickly excelled at high quality major repairs and began building a reputation for quality rebuilt engines and transmissions at very affordable prices.

Today we are one of the most forward thinking, technology friendly, and complete repair facilities in Chicago.  Our friendly certified technicians specialize in all areas of automotive repair and maintenance.


Advanced Automotive Technology

Not every scanner is the same. We own an abundance of factory scan tools from Asian, Domestic and European manufactures in order for us to perform practically every repair on modern vehicles.  Our scan tools vary from cloud based systems to PC based to legacy stand alone.  Our technicians are able to repair the cars other shops send to dealers.

In addition to scan tools our trained technicians regularly use oscilloscopes and other lab scope based tools.  This allows our diagnosticians to get to the problem faster without unnecessary tear downs. This not only makes us more accurate but also less expensive.