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The best thing about the automotive repair business is constant change. The vehicles we repair and maintain have been changing dramatically for the better.  In order to keep pace with these advancements, we place the highest priority on training, technology, equipment, and information.

Therefore, we are able to provide better service faster and at a lower cost. Having the proper product knowledge is critical. Access to the right tools and information streamlines the repair process.  This allows us to provide the best quality at the lowest price.


We Treat Our Customers Like Family. We will always recommend services just like it were our car or a family members. We NEVER recommend you something you don’t need.

We treat every car just like our own. We don’t take short cuts, or cut corners. If there is a procedure that takes longer but has a better success rate, then that is what is done.  It’s exactly how we would want our cars repaired.

Nation Wide Warranties We stand by what we do and take pride in it. Most of our work carries a nationwide warranty. From lifetime warranties, to 24 months 24,000 miles, to our minimum warranty- 12 months 12,000 miles; you can feel assured with us under your hood. Inquire with the store manager to find out more.

Below you will find some links describing just a few of the services we offer. It would take way to much space to list them all, so if you don’t see something addressing your concern call us.  If its on or in your car, we do that!

Transmission and Drive Line

We are experts at Diagnosing, Repairing, Rebuilding and Replacing transmissions.   Click below to find out why you owe it to yourself to have a certified transmission expert working on your transmission.

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Brakes, Suspension & More

Hear a noise? Feel a vibration? We can help you with that to! Our certified technicians do high quality work right the first time at the most competitive prices.

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Emissions Repair

The Illinois Air Team has rated us a top three “A rated” Emissions repair shop for over 10 years straight! That is in an area that encompass over 8 Chicago Zip Codes! (Zone 4)

We WILL get you past the test!

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Alignments, Tires & Wheels

Our automotive professionals will get you driving straight again.  We exclusively use the industry’s leading Hunter equipment to deliver the highest quality alignments.  This equipment saves you time to repair and reduces prices beyond our competitors.

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Electrical Problems

Been to another shop or several shops and no one seems to be able to repair it? WE can! Our technicians are proficient at the most complex electrical problems. Most of the time the solutions are simpler than you think!


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We regularly rebuild even the most modern and complex engines in-house and for a lot less than you think.  Before you have someone just slap a junk yard motor in your car Contact Us and find out about repairing it right the first time!

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We Rebuild Injectors!

We ultrasonically overhaul and balance fuel injectors on site! Engine run with a miss? Low performance? Think its an injector? We can find out for sure!

Need an injector? Why buy new ones? This is a rare hard to find service and frankly, we excel at it.  There is no additive or on car service that can “clean” an injector. We save even the most restricted injectors with ease.

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Streamlined – Advanced Diagnostics

We are car technology nerds! Unlike most, we invest in the most advanced technology, tools and training available.  This allows our diagnostic technicians to come to accurate and falsifiable conclusions in a fraction of the time!  Our basic diagnostics are free with service because we can come to conclusions fast and accurately.

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Engine Decarbonization


Engine What?  Every single modern engine develops carbon build up problems. This happens to the throttle body, intake valves and runners.

Lost Gas Millage? Lost Power? Car Dies out?  We can resolve carbon build up issues without time-consuming, unnecessary and expensive engine tear down procedures others use.  Our arsenal includes non invasive chemical procedures and Walnut blasting.

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We will treat your car like our own.

We are honored to serve the communities of Pill Hill, Chatham and the rest of the Chicagoland area.  We have been operating from the same location since 1991.  We are constantly get surprised at the lengths people travel to see us. Word of mouth has been good to us and we relish the referrals our customers give to their family and friends.  There is no greater complement!

So again we would like to thank everyone for their continued business and support throughout the years.


We want your business and will work hard to earn it!

Give us a call, get directions or visit our Facebook page today.

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